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fast way to paste clipboard into ticket

LiveZilla would replace mails in our company so we need a way to get screenshots from clipboard into ticket-content.

Michael Cekic , 04.11.2016, 10:52
Idea status: under consideration


Robert, 02.12.2017, 14:43
This would be a welcome feature. Many systems these days are able to take clipboard data, determine content-type and convert for use internally. For instance, copying an image (not url, actual image) from the web, and pasting it into a facebook (or similar platform) message/post. We realize this may be platform/browser dependent, but willing to accept that :P
Ruslan, 22.07.2018, 14:20
Also paste image to chat by agent and client. "Chosing image from disk" - it is very difficult for clients

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