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screen sharing

See customers screen would be nice...

Steffen Vogdrup , 01.10.2013, 11:21
Idea status: scheduled


resultsonlyjosh, 10.04.2014, 14:34
Even just an integration with a popular screen share like join.me where you can chat and push a link to start screen share.
Cop, 18.03.2017, 22:23
Even Print Screen Image would be fine
Ferdinando, 29.03.2017, 12:49
Um compartilhamento de tela igual ao Skype seria ótimo.
Robert M., 22.09.2017, 18:17
Under consideration for nearly 5 years... is anyone at LZ watching this request system?
Hoye, 17.10.2018, 09:20
I am also wondering about this! Hello, LiveZilla? Are you there?
nik, 26.01.2018, 11:00
Great Idea, so often Customers complain about the browser not working, or being not able to checkout. If one could directly take over and do the Trouble shooting that would have been great.
Bernd Stutter, 11.04.2018, 19:02
This would be the greates gift for the service people - we use teamviewer. Mostly too complicated for the ned-customer. Takes to much time to run.

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